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bed in shared room - from 19 years and over € 16,00 € 27,00
bed in shared room - 7 to 18 years (only with parents), youth leaders €  9,00 € 20,00
bed in shared room - up to 6 years (only with parents) €  6,00 € 17,00

place in dormitory - from 26 years and over € 12,00 € 23,00
place in dormitory - 19-25 years €  9,00 € 20,00
place in dormitory - 7 to 18 years a. youth leaders €  6,00 17,00 €
place in dormitory - up to 6 years free free


makeshift bed - up to 18 years free free
makeshift bed - 19 years and over €  6,00 €  6,00


Age: It is worth the achieved age to be reached in the current year.

Double occupancy Multi-bed rooms is only possible to a very limited extent and only if necessary. This is not bookable and is only offered upon arrival. There is a supplement of 5.00 EUR per person per night.

Makeshift-beds are only available from full occupancy.

Overcrowding justifies no tariff reduction.

The preferred claim for a sleeping place in front of all guests is the sick and injured, who can no longer be descended or transported to the valley, and rescue teams on duty

Free of charge are rescue teams on duty and designated members of the OEAV, DAV and AVS, in their function as tour guides, instructors, youth leaders and family leaders with a group of at least five people (5 plus 1).

Tariffs for youth groups and organizers: Please contact us to arrange individual prices.

Backpack transportation: € 5,00

Sleeping bag mandatory: Sleeping bag rental: 5,00 EUR (deposit 20,00 EUR), purchase 25,00 EUR

Dogs are allowed on our hut for a fee of 8.00 € / per stay. Prerequisite is a personal preliminary consultation

Showers: 1 EUR = 2 minutes (automatic time interruption with hot water turned off)

Half board: 32 EUR / 25,00 EUR for children up to 13 years (without accommodation)
(Dinner: soup, salad, main dish, dessert, digestive brandy (only for adults, up to 17 years small non-alcoholic beverage)
Breakfast buffet: sausage, cheese, muesli, jam, coffee, tea, kakau

Lunch package: 6,00 EUR (sausage, cheese, bread, fruit, candy)

Prices Food & beverage à la carte: see menu

Mountaineer meal: club members 8,00 EUR, non-members 9,00 EUR

Mountaineer drink: 2,50 EUR

Only for Alpine club members:
Tea water: 3,00 Eur (including 2 cups)
Infrastructure contribution for self-catering for persons aged 18 and over:
For day guests 2,50 EUR, for overnight guests 5,00 EUR (plate, cutlery, napkin on request)
(Cooking is permitted in the hut and in the outbuildings because of fire protection.)


Reservation, change and cancellation

1. Please book online if possible. The advantages are no waiting for e-mail response, no repeated call attempts. If this is not possible, we also accept e-mail and telephone reservations. Online reservations are possible until 24 hours, 6.00 pm, before arrival, afterwards we ask for telephone registration.

2. Regardless of the reservation type can only according to type of bed but not according to room- or dormitory number. The allocation of rooms and dormitories is only made on the day of arrival according to the actual guests/groups.

3. For full occupancy, you can enter a waiting list when making an online reservation. We will notify you immediately in the event of vacancies. But be careful: If you will book 6 sleeping places, but there are only 4 free, your entire booking will be placed complete on the waiting list. We recommend 2 reservations in such cases. In the first book the 4 bookable places. In a second, the other 2 on the waiting list. As a rule, the missing places can be made available, although very briefly before your arrival. In the most unfavorable case, we will certainly find a makeshift bed.

4. For groups of more than 13 persons, a complete cancellation is possible only verbally, by telephone, by mail or in writing, regardless of the time.

5. Please note, when you enter your data during online reservation, that you have to write your e-mail address at the repeat field, copy is not possible.

6. You can reserve without or with personal registration. In the first case you need one of our confirmation mails for changes or cancellations. In the other case, you can log in to the registration system with your username and password, regardless of our mails.

7. After you have sent your reservation, please follow the resulting, self-explanatory, short mail trafic.

8. We do not charge any advance payments. Please understand that we will charge cancellation fees in case of non-appearance and cancellation. The following conditions apply. Please keep in mind that we order fresh food according to your reservation and may provide additional staff.

9. Please let us know, regardless of the dates, if something changes with your reservation. This can be helpful in emergencies and allows us to ensure a smooth hut process. For example Can get your empty multi-bed bedroom then others.

10. Up to 5 days (120 hours), 6.00 pm, before your arrival, you can change your reservation or cancel completely without cancellation fee. After this time we will charge you 10,00 EUR cancellation fee per person and night. This also applies to reservations up to 1 day (24 hours), 6.00 pm, before arrival.

11. If your arrival on our hut is delayed by one or a few days, we will not charge you a cancellation fee. If a cancellation bill has already been send to you and has been paid, but you are still going to our hut in the same or the following year's season, we will your payment account with your on-site bill at the hut.

12. If a group member is ill and needs to descend during the tour, we will not charge any cancellation fees for these and one accompanying person (if applicable with children).


Hut rules

1. Please register for vorgave beds and mattresses in the restaurant. In the high season registration is only possible at 1.30 pm.

2. Discounts will be given to alpine club members upon presentation of their identity card in conjunction with a photo-ID document. An overnight accommodation document is issued which includes travel baggage insurance. This is to be kept in accordance with Austrian legislation until after leaving the hut.

3. Please enter your mobile number and the day's destination in the hut book. This will help you in an emergency.

4. In the hut, and especially on the upper floors, wear slipper socks.

5. In rooms and dormitories, there is a requirement for sleeping bag.

6. Smoking, open fire/light are prohibited (no candles, no cooking) throughout the hut and outbuildings for reasons of fire safety.

7. Dogs are allowed only in case of early, prior, telephone arrangement for a fee. During the breakfast and dinner, dogs are not allowed in the guest rooms.

8. Dinner is 6.00 pm, breakfast is from 6.30-8.00 clock. If you would like to leave earlier, w ask so we arrange a thermal breakfast for you.

9. Self-catering is only permitted for Alpine members. In this case, contributions are made for use the hut infrastructure for day and night guests (children/youngsters free). Alcoholic beverages are not allowed.

10. If the hut is overcrowded, waiters must also be taken into account when using the seats.

11. Cottage rest is from 10pm to 6pm. On special occasions, the landlord decides on an extension of the hut evening.

12. Please take your own waste into the valley. For hygienic waste we have bags and buckets in the toilets, which we dispose of for you. Please do not throw in the toilets, otherwise disturbances occur in our sewage treatment plant.

13. Please contact us immediately if you have any questions or if something is not right for you. We will try to do as best we can.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our hut.

Neustift in the Stubai and Nuremberg, 01.12.2018

Martina and Leonhard Siller                Wolfgang Tittus
Hüttenwirtsfamilie                            Chairman DAV-Section Nuremberg e.V.

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