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We offer warm dishes all day long, furthermore wonderful cold plates and home-baked cakes.
Our hobby became a profession: we love to use products from our own farming, to prepare and serve them to you, dear guests.
Nature brings us much fruit and vegetables and we receive meat of highest quality from our own farming “Landhaus”
(rind, beef, veal, bacon, sausages …), further more milk to prepare a series of dairy products (milk, butter, butter oil, “Graukäse”- a special sort of fresh cheese, yogurt, curd,...).

Reading our menu, you find our own products everywhere, starting with the soups: a homemade beef tea with Tyrolean speck-dumplings with home smoked speck and sausage, greens from our “green corner”. Sometimes we also offer homemade cheese dumplings in the soup or with butter and salad.

Our famous snacks of cold cuts, cheese etc. always contain our wonderful Tyrolean bacon, a peace of our typical fresh cheese “Graukäse” with onions, fresh spread of curd with green herbs and radish from the garden.
In case the we yield a large crop, the mixed salad on your plate always contains salads and vegetables from our garden like green salad, zucchini, beans, kohlrabi, broccoli, cauliflower, chive, parsley, celery, herbs,):
All our products are organic and fresh.

Our goulash, Viennese Schnitzel, grilled sausages or “Karbonatln” (a sort of hamburger) are made of fresh meat that comes from our own farming, just like the potatoes, used as side dish or as important ingredient in for Tyrolean “Gröstl” (roast potatoes with small cut roast beef, onions,…) We gather about 4000 kg of potatoes every year and our guests request them a lot.
In between we offer also handmade “Schlipfkrapfen” or homemade cheese dumplings. Our “Kaiserschmarrn” (sort of pancake) tastes best with applesauce, naturally made of our own apples. From the middle of august on you find apples of the new crop in our apple strudel.

We also use lots of self made butter or curd for the strudel with curd or for spread, fruits for jam (plums, cherries, apricots,…), litres over litres of home made of apple juice, milk over milk from our farm to produce yoghurt for cereals or to eat with raspberries, dozens of pumpkin for pumpkin soup, herbs for roast beef, etc.!

All this is possible only with the help of our parents Maria and Ignaz Siller- the ex- tenants of the hut. With lots of diligence and effort they cultivate, reap the products and furnish them to the hut with the aerial material line.

Natural and biodynamic agriculture is very important for us.comandable with humid weather!!

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